Are you looking for an established, experienced and knowledgeable consulting laboratory serving the Personal Care and Topical OTC Market?

Let Cosmetech Laboratories help you find the solution to fit your R & D needs.
We work with you from concept to final product to meet your specifications and requirements while:
As your R & D partner, in addition to our Formulation Services, and in partnership with our network of resources, Cosmetech Laboratories can offer you the following services: In House or On Site Training in Formulation Basics and Suncare is available
We provide consulting services to Ingredient Suppliers regarding: In House or On Site Training in Formulation Basics and Suncare is available
Cosmetech Laboratories offers pre-analyzed and certified Sunscreen Standards for laboratory use including: Please call 973-882-5151 x204 or email for Sunscreen Standard pricing and information.

As part of the Launch of their Cosmetic Science Center, DuPont Tate & Lyle and Cosmetech Laboratories, have created a 6 module series on formulating Topical Personal Care products. This 6 module series are designed to provide the viewer with a basic knowledge of the chemistry and functionality of the Ingredients used in topical formulations as well as understanding the basic construct of these types of formulations.

Please visit this website and then click on this link, set up a free account and view as many of the modules as you want.

We are very excited to be part of this program with DuPont Tate & Lyle and hope that you will find the information being provided in the modules, helpful in better understanding the composition of topical personal care formulations.